Rachel is 39. She is our much-loved daughter whom we adopted along with her twin brother when she was nine weeks of age. Later, we adopted a third disabled child, making our family complete with five children.

Rachel has an intellectual disability in the moderate range. She also has mild autism, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

We have worked unceasingly for more than four decades to achieve the full potential of all our children and we are very proud of Rachel. She has excelled at sport and has represented Australia, winning five medals in gymnastics at the Special Olympics in 1995. She, with her sailing partner, won the Access Dinghies Double title, 35-45 years, in the recent World Masters. She was also a saxophonist with the local Youth Club Band.

We are now in our mid-seventies. Rachel’s father is no longer in good health. Rachel must have every-day care, including meal preparation, supervision of medication and transportation to all her activities. She has expressed a desire for more independence away from her family.

We would like to see Rachel in shared accommodation with her friends. We want her to live locally because she is well-known in this community. We want her settled and secure in her own home and we wish to assist with her transition.

The RASAID project would be the fulfillment of our wishes for Rachel.